Being inside of the game:

You are a silent killer. You may or may not share your goals but you work on them without a doubt! You can be a cashier entrepreneur, a banking entrepreneur or a creative entrepreneur (the most popular kind), but being entrepreneurial is a skill. You are inside of the game if you are real about not having that drink after work because you tell your friends you're flat out broke. No shame in being inside the game. You keep the bigger picture in mind because you know that at the end of the day, it's all that matters.


Being outside of the game:

You may have the Instagram entrepreneur title. You scroll on the same app and wonder how all these bloggers, instagrammers, college friends are flying all over the world and doing all these cool things and you're not. You look for clues on how others 'started', you watch youtube videos and 'motivational' articles, you think about starting, you talk about starting but how about actually... starting? In other words you just have some growing (and doing) to do!