Handmade and carefully crafted in the heart of New York City where it was launched in 2016, it is only fair that all the accessories from the Agrodolce Collection are impregnated with the confidence and uniqueness that the NYC streets are known by. We however do not stop at the limit of our five boroughs when it comes into breathing life into our designs and draw inspiration from an array of amazing places around the world, resulting in sexy carnival and show inspired pieces with a soul.

What distinguishes our brand from others is art at the heart of our design and an intent to cross between jewelry and clothing. Our mission isn't to just ornate, but empower the female body in all its different states.

With ambivalence being at the very heart of Agrodolce -which name literally translates into bittersweet- you can expect daring combinations of tones, chains and crystals displayed through our ever-growing collections of Crystal Hoops and Crystal Bras.

Never before seen designs are crafted in genuine stones and durable materials like sterling silver or 24k gold and designed to last a lifetime. Our logo signals that our Agrodolce brand is vibrant and alive, and proves no color combination is too dull, too bright or wrong.

Every item in your collection is intended to be an extension of your true self so you can express your most inner being and feelings through your unique style and layering choices.

If you can dream it, you can find it here.


Yasmin + Agrodolce 💕