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sugarfish by sushi nozawa review

I'm writing this as I'm sitting waiting for my sushi. I need a break from my self imposed quarantine & the Corona fast spreading tentacles of fear. It's been a while minute since I sat down, my time may be a little distorted ;) Indeed, I came prepared for my Sugarfish dinner. It's 7:40 and the ambiance is perfect for me. Dim lights, no music, I'm sitting at the bar with no company, only two girls across me. I'm wearing no make up, just hand jewelry. I like to hold my chopsticks (and do many other things) )with pretty gold adorned fingers. I left the house in a rush, I needed a break. This Corona situation makes a lot of things harder no matter how oblivious you try to be...

Anyways, I am a risk taker. My mom warned me against cold foods and that's exactly what I'm having tonight. I decide to not go for the Sugarfish 'Trust Me' recommendation either and trust my instinct with the:

  • Toro Handroll 
  • Albacore Handroll
  • Yellowtail Handroll
  • Salmon Sushi
  • Sea Bass Sushi 
  • Tuna Sashimi 
  • Scallop Sashimi 

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🌶 My Most Recommended 🌶

Toro Handroll 🌶🌶🌶

Tuna Sashimi 🌶🌶 

Albacore Handroll 🌶


I am so happy I stopped at Sugarfish. After months of trying to grab a taste of the LA staple, I was finally able to on a night of 'social distancing'. The sushi is clean and simple. Delicious and no frills from the taste to the decor. 


Taste: 10/10 clear & fresh 

Price: Fairly priced / tip included in the bill 

Portions: could've been bigger

Ambiance: calm, sober but could also be Coronna...

Favorite: Toro, such a yummy kind of fatty! Highly recommend.

Would go back: YES, and try the 'Trust Me' menu now that we've built the trust

Overall: 4.7/5


See you soon with another sushi review


Yasmin 🍣 


July 14, 2021

I live in the Boston area and went to SUGARFISH with my friend who lives in NY. It is the best sushi 🍣 I have ever had. Each piece melts in your mouth and is so fresh and delicious! My favorites are; Albacore belly(not on menu, just ask for it), tuna sashimi, toro hand roll. I went with the Nozawa trust me which is more expensive but I was not able to go last year, sooooo I went for it and ate it all. We also ordered the Ryo dry sake, which was smooth. Highly highly recommended, and wish they would open a location in Boston.


March 30, 2020

Just had it for take out while quarantining! Yummy!


March 30, 2020

Just had it for take out while quarantining! Yummy!

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