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Dear Agrodolce Family,

I am so happy to finally be sharing my skin care routine with you! I have been perfecting it over the past year and only wanted to share it with you once I felt comfortable and knowledgeable enough. Please note that I have not been paid by any of the people or companies I mention, so all the reviews provided are in my most honest opinion. I have linked all the product mentioned at the end of this post.

Although its simplicity may surprise you, my routine has been working for me consistently for the past year or so. As an acne prone teenager, I have been through my fair share of trial and error, but throughout my entire journey it seemed my skin always behaved better when left alone. I have come to learn the hard way, that less is more and that my skin does indeed lash out on me when being picked at or forced to act right. The two products my entire routine currently revolves around are a range of natural soaps and oils. My first tip to you would be to simplify. Get rid of all that 'scrubs', 'zaps' or 'treats', and make the routine as basic as these two steps for a while (at least a month) before starting to add new products in. That way, you can pin point exactly what works and doesn't. If you are taking this seriously and want to get to the bottom of your skin issues, you can even keep a detailed diary of your skin and how it reacts to foods and products.  Like everything else in life, it takes work, discipline and you must go through trial and error. There is no skipping the path to greatness, even for skin. Here is a breakdown of the products I have personally used and that have worked for me:

STEP 1 : WASH - Pears soap / Argan soap / African soap 

Again (and get ready to hear me say this a lot, lol) you will find your holy grail soap through trial and error. The three soaps that I have found to work amazingly well for my skin are: African soap, Argan soap and Pear's soap. I get my African and Argan Soap either directly from Morocco, my local/African neighborhood or some diligent online research to find the most natural alternative. Pears Soap is so easy to find online or at your local dollar store and is one of my favourite soaps to use. I use all three soaps interchangeably. I wash my face twice a day, in the morning and at night, and use it as a make up remover until my skin is completely clean.

STEP 2 : TONE - Rose water /Cleansing oil


On the days I wear make up, I will usually go over my skin again with a cotton pad saturated with rose water (when feeling oily) or with cleansing oil (when feeling dry). I will focus on the hard to reach spots on my face like my hairline, my eyebrows, down my neck and behind my ears, to ensure all the make up has been removed. I am currently using Palmers' Skin Therapy Cleansing Oil which smells amazing and removes all of my make up while leaving me with glowy moisturized skin. My favorite rosewater ever is the one from a brand called Heritage Store. It's almost 100% rosewater and is the most refreshing toner for summer!


STEP 3 : MOISTURIZE - Coconut / Argan oil

The first time I have used oil on my face I remember feeling so guilty and freaked out at the thought of purposely slathering my face with something so heavy. This was about eight years ago and I haven't stopped ever since. I have learned since that oil has probably been the best thing to happen to my skin yet. I used to layer products -and I will still use some serums here and there- but usually moisturizing my skin with oil is enough. Even if my skin is oily, I believe in the power of all oils and that there is one for each skin problem out there. Moroccan Argan oil and coconut oil are the ones that work best for me, but I have yet to come across an oil I really dislike. I love putting it on right after I wash my skin. No better feeling than coming out of the shower, after a workout or a tan and letting it sink right in.

Tip: Apply right after the shower to seal in moisture. If you have extra dry skin apply a water based lotion first, then oil. Use Jojoba if you have dry skin.


STEP 4 ONCE OR TWICE A WEEK : God sent St Yves Apricot Scrub

I scrub my skin 1-2 nights a week. I am in love with the St Yves apricot scrub. I’ve read somewhere that the beads were too big and could damage the skin but I have yet to find a a scrub that works as great as this one when it comes to clearing up my skin. I honestly have never loved a scrub so much and I have tried hundreds.  Pretty much every time I use it I know I’m gonna wake up with clearer skin, and every time I need clearer skin I know which product to go for.  Everytime I use it my skin looks better than the night before, it’s almost a guarantee. 


STEP 5 ONCE A MONTH : The Vampire Facial


Don’t panic, it sounds and looks worse than it is. If you know me, you already know how big of a fan I am of the PRP or Vampire Facials. Put simply, it involves taking the blood from your arm, processing it in a centrifuge to extract the plasma which contains platelets and growth factors and then re-injecting it into the face. I will link a complete article here below If you need detailed info on the treatment. I know a lot of you are probably freaked out, but I personally have had a total of about 5 treatments and never regretted a single one of them! Having a great doctor perform the treatment makes a huge difference and is the safe thing to do so do your research. Like any treatment you will need initial work then upkeep. Usually 4-5 treatments are recommended at the pace of one of a month. Results are glowy,  plump and refreshed skin that keeps improving overtime. My skin is slightly red for about 3-4 days after one treatment (because I am allergic to the numbing cream) but I would still highly recommend it. PRP facials have been a blessing to my skin and provide what I call 'ground work’ for a healthy skin regimen.





    • Good diet and water goes without saying 
    • Start simple then add one product at a time
    • SPF, hats and no tanning sessions if you wanna win the long term game
    • Be patient with acne, it will go away 
    • Learn good habits and don’t get discouraged with yourself 
    • Do your research 
    • Don’t pick your skin because I'm watching you 


    Don't forget to love & take care of yourself,


    Yaz 🌸

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