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Happy National 'Thank God it’s Monday' Day !


If you don’t already love Mondays, maybe now is the best time to start building the romance, on the very first Monday of 53 ones this year… But in the midst of general Monday aversion, you probably don’t even remember the reason why they don't appeal to you anymore. The real why. Ask yourself. What is so wrong with this first fabricated day of the week anyways? Is it that you hate your job (in which case the solution is easy and you should just quit, blogpost on that coming soon *winks)? Is it that you just read too many ‘I hate Monday’ quotes on instagram and they’re not so bad to you after all? Or is it really, that you feel a little lost, insecure, stuck and carrying on the same Monday routine that just doesn’t feel right anymore?

The reasons why we get a sense of dread at the start of a new project, a new life, and ultimately a new week, is really fear of the unknown, failing or being judged by others but mainly ourselves. Monday, as the start of what should be a promising week is no different.

Whether you are stuck at a job you don’t like, or kinda know what you want but can’t seem to make a move, I need you to gather your pencils, scissors and other scrapbooking essentials. With 2019 being a big year for Agrodolce with the relaunch of Agrodolce Swim and launch of Agrodolce Beauty, I thought this was the perfect time to show you how I personally tackled ideas on big projects. This is my way of setting my goals and you will find that the clearer you are about them, the less anxious you're likely to be while executing on them. The goal of this exercise is to help you appease your doubts, slay your fears, quit you excuses and jumpstart the process that will make you fall in love with the rest of the Mondays of the year. 


Every single thing you are thinking about should get out of your head and into a page. Literally. All your ideas. You shouldn’t care about how 'it' looks, sounds or is, just make sure you put whatever 'it' is down before 'it' slips your mind. Events, people, places, a feeling, a song, a quote your kindergarten best friend told you and stuck with you. I swear no one's watching and judging your hand writing so it needs to go on paper, now.



It still doesn’t have to be clean, but now that you have ALL your ideas in one place, it should be easier to put some order to them. Separate them according to what makes more sense to you. 1 year goals on one side and 5 year goals on the other for example. Or all fitness ideas together, all family related resolutions together, etc. Whatever they are, make sure they all make sense and aren't conflicting. Goals that go together grow together.  



It's now time to put things on paper in an organised and clear way. One page per project is always a great way to stay organised. Each page or project should have defined categories. Again, according to your unique projects categories will be different. They could vary from goals, to do points, etc. For example if you have make up related dreams one of your sections could be a 'TO BUY' and include make up items you need in order to complete your make up kit. Or for example if your interest is photography, your subcategory will be 'PLACES' with your list of ideal locations. Use visual stimulation for things to become obvious! At Agrodolce we're big on color, so color coding helps. Everyone is different so maybe you like to draw your goals & sketch the vision. Whatever you do, if it's clear on paper and in theory, it’ll be in your head too. So this whole time just so you know, you weren't lazy, just unsure!



Words matter, so chose them wisely and hold yourself accountable. Try to be as precise as you possibly can. Do you 'want to get healthier' or do you want to 'work out 4 days a week for 30 minutes'? Do you want to 'get better at your finances' or do you want to you want to 'save $250 a week for a year'? One is a goal one is a wish. I don't know what getting better at money means but I know I can save $250 by saving $100 by eating in and $150 on uber, for example. The smaller you chop your dream the easier it is to digest.



Create a vision board because images become your reality. This is not for some magical universal law to start operating, it's for you to see and remember where you are heading. Print out images of particular things you want, or browse through magazines and let your instincts carry you away.



This is your art and art is not supposed to be still. It's supposed to evolve as your 2019 year evolves and your dreams grow. So do not hesitate to scratch things out, add or do over. It's life and its not linear. Adapt, reevaluate and never give up.

Remember why you started and remember that getting started is one of the hardest parts. Notice how everything falls into place after that!



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Don't forget to Thank God for it's Monday Day!


Love you today and everyday of the week,


_ Yasmin 💕

Denne Raee

March 21, 2019

Thank you love! I wish I saw this yesterday but this post is everything I needed today and I’m so boss in my intuition I knew just where to go this morning 🌌🌌🌟🌟🌟


March 21, 2019

You are such an inspiration like WOWWW!!!
I’m 16 and started off a little business ( that i hope to grow really soon). Looking at the progress you have made and how far you have came and still going is what motivates me to work harder at achieving my goals!
I’m from Trinidad 🇹🇹 I really wanted to meet you last year for carnival but things didn’t work out.
I wish you the best in allllllll of your upcoming projects!!!❤❤

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