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Posted by Yasmin Blaoui on

I got inspired by silver tones and dark feelings all throughout the month of march.
It resulted in both a new PRODUCT DROP and a new way of living my life:


Trust the process

Trust the science 

Life is all about trial and error 

Unlearning old patterns


Chasing between growth and repetition

It’s all just experimental

We can tend to get too sentimental 

and poetic

When life gets hectic, we tend do forget our condition

That we can change the season

and comprehend with the soul without even having to reason

with ourselves


New patterns

Look at yourself from outside or above,

and if from within, then really go in


This brain versus the heart

It’s art …

no compatibility, no birth chart

If you feel like you’re not made for a fling

and you can barely function at the thought of another thing 

Then it’s time to evolve, my friend 


This line is for the freaks 

from subtle to psycho

Embrace your crazy, your duality

and never forget you call all the shots

you play all the parts

in the game of life

a checkbook and a pocket knife


This is nothing but a show

Enjoy the #FREAKSHOW 


What line defines best the phase you have been currently going through?
Let me know in the comment section!


Yasmin 🖤


June 30, 2019

Beautiful products and beautiful words.

Rea ♡

March 23, 2019

“It’s art… no compatibility, no birth chart” since I’m such a zodiac lover and “embrace your crazy, your duality and never forget you call all the shots” 😍🥰 a good reminder we tend to forget or may not even recognize. 🧠

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