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Summer is all about skin! We've already established that -and if you have missed last week's blog post about skin care catch it here- but at Agrodolce, it's also about ornating your skin from top to bottom and today we are starting at the latter. 

Feet and ankles are evoking of femininity and sensuality, so much so in some parts of the Middle East and Asia, that displaying them in a public setting is passable of punishment. By slipping on a thread of gold or silver onto your ankle, as discreet as it may be, you can easily bring attention to your footwear action and bring any casual look to the next level. Decorating your feet with jewelry isn’t a fad or a new trend, but a tradition that has been going on across the world for thousands of years. With Anklets not going away any time soon, here are some facts that wouldn't hurt to know!



  • Ankle sprains are the most common injury in america (most from high heel)
  • "Prettiest ankle" contests were popular in the UK through the 30s'
  • In some Indian cultures anklets replace wedding rings
  • A quarter of all you bones are down in your feet
  • You know it's a thing called "toe cleavage", right?
  • A third of people with fetishes have a foot fetish


Up until now, all of the Agrodolce Muses have been obsessed with our most popular anklet option: The Favela Anklet - and for good reason! This long time best seller is like a long time best friend that never switches up on you! Thanks to its 14k gold or sterling silver coat, the Favela anklet is water resistant and non tarnish. All of Agrodolce body and foot chains are life proof and can be taken into the water without fear of them turning colors!

This summer, three new foot chains have been added to our collection so you can play with different styles and layer to your desire. Here are a few ways to style them together to help give you some ideas on how to style foot candy on the beach or in the streets this season. 


1. Dainty and delicate:

one anklet at a time

foot jewelry anklet chains cuban link anklet chain and rose ankle jewelry

A delicate chain allows you to play with different styes without ever fearing doing too much. For an an everyday look, you can wear one thin link chain on a single foot or on each foot. Gold tones marry well with nudes, taupes and browns and blend in with skin usually better than silver.

This combo: The Anklet Chain in Rio + The Foot Chain in Rose Garden


2. A little more:

mix your anklet with your foot chain

butterfly ankle chains and cuban link anklets

If you want extra drip, make sure it covers your whole foot by mixing a foot chain with your anklet. Keeping them in the same tone will create the impression of one staple piece. You can play and mix roses and butterflies or keep it within one theme. Throw as many cuban links in the mix as needed!

This combo: The Anklet Chain in Favela + The Foot Chain in Butterfly Fields


3. All out:

mix your silver and your gold

silver cuban link ankle bracelet and butterfly ankle chainfoot jewelry chain and feet accessories

Silver and gold thoughtfully mixed together is on of the most interesting ways to style body chains. Wearing two chains of the same style but in different tones is a great way to start experimenting without fear for those of us who are used to single tones. Sprinkle both tones on both feet and you are sure to create a look unique to you.

This Combo: The Foot Chain in Rose Garden + The Foot Chains in Butterfly Fields 


4. You can switch the shoe but you can keep the chains

Sneaker heads will be happy to know that for each pair is an anklet to match! Wear one on each foot or double up to dress up even the most casual run around town. Cuban ankle chains are best for sneakers. Experiment with different chain and sneaker combos, there is no way to go wrong.

gold foot chain cuban linkhamdmadeankle chain accessory in gold cuban link

 This combo: The Chain Anklets in Favela

Don't forget that there are no rules, so enjoy experimenting and walking around in your unique one of a kind anklet combinations!


Which look/foot jewelry piece is your favourite?

And what would you want to see styled next?

Let us know in the comment section!







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