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blue swimsuit planet earth two piece



Introducing our latest design Planet Earth to the Agrodolce swim collection.


First of all, let's not pretend like planet earth wasn't named after an ice cream flavor of the same name by Van Leewens. Made of all guilt-free ingredients like housemade cashew milk and Ecuadorian cocoa butter, Planet Earth earns its blue color from natural spirulina and green color from homemade matcha cake, yum!
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Planet earth blue ice cream by van leeuwenvan leeuwen ice cream flavor planet earth
One of the best things about The Planet Earth swimsuit is that you can customize your coverage, so the sexy front doesn't compromise your comfort in the back. Pick between a thong or a full coverage bikini while still showing off the most feminine parts of your body, no matter what your size is.
agrodolce swimsuit custom bathing suit size
Just like its ice cream counterpart, The Planet Earth swimsuit is inspired by balance and health. Between indulgence and discipline and an homage to feminity and strength. Made for beautiful women of all sizes that make themselves a priority and recognise their sweet and divine nature.

The Planet earth swimsuit is made to work in harmony with your body's shapes and create an elongated silhouette. Sitting high on the hips, you cannot miss this swimsuit for its cut or its shade, symbol of depth, confidence and tranquility.


An homage to mother nature to and women,


Agrodolce 🌍


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