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I’ve really been holding off writing my first blog post because the subjects are endless and every time I think I am holding a topic, the procrastinator in me pushes it back thinking 'but wait maybe there’s something even better to start with, something more you'. Well I’ve ran out of excuses since there is nothing more real or more me than what I create. so starting with THE LÉOPARD really isn't a bad start.

When I was a child I wanted to work with animals, be a botanist, a sculptor, have a career in fine arts, work in museum restoration, etc... I have discovered Agrodolce is allowing me to do every single one of those things in one place. It's everything I do and an extension of me at the same time.

I want this section of Agrodolce to be a platform where we can exchange creative and positive ideas, words and energy. It's my chance to share and open windows on specific parts of Agrodolce as well as give us the chance to have an open dialogue.

The number one reason for happiness is creation. It symbolizes life and progress. I encourage you to not only watch, but partake in this creative journey and if you do not know how to yet, then I hope each article serves as catapult bringing you a step closer to your dreams. 


Looking forward to our journey,


Yasmin 🌸

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